Alberta Injury Regulations

Did you know?

Although auto insurance premiums are skyrocketing across the province,  insurers remain highly profitable. 

Despite claims that they’re losing money, filings with the Alberta government show that Alberta’s insurers are still making tens of millions of dollars every year. 

There is no crisis in Alberta’s insurance market. 

Insurers are looking to manufacture a crisis so that they can change insurance laws and increase their profits. The changes insurers are looking for would reduce consumer rights and protections.

In 2018 & 2019, insurance industry lobbyists have been holding meetings with Alberta government officials in several ministries and government departments in attempts to influence the government to change the definition of “Minor Injury” in auto insurance regulations. 

The changes would let insurers off the hook of compensating Albertans who get injured in an accident so that they can further increase their profits.

Protecting Our Rights

FAIR – Fair Alberta Injury Regulations is coalition of Albertans including concerned consumers, medical professionals, injured Albertans, and members of the legal community who are committed to protecting the rights of individuals that have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

What Would A Broader Definition of Minor Injury Mean For Albertans?

  • Albertans buy auto insurance to protect themselves and their families. A broader definition of minor injury will reduce protection and auto insurance might not deliver when it’s needed.
  • Victims of car crashes will be made to give up benefits in order to protect insurance company profits.

No Backroom Deals

We believe the best way to protect Albertans injured on the road and to provide stability for all road users is through established, inalienable rights – not by backroom deals designed to help insurance companies increase profits at the expense of injured Albertans.

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