A no-fault insurance system means no accountability.



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With a system of checks-and-balances currently in place here in Alberta, the insurance industry needs to be straightforward and transparent with consumers. If they’re not, claims get taken to court where the law makes sure that the truth and fairness win out over corporate profits and bafflegab. The “right-to-sue” is part of what keeps everyone on the up-and-up. If “responsible driving means lower rates” is the carrot, right-to-sue is the stick.

Unless you’re in a no-fault system of course. In a no-fault system, as in Ontario, home of the highest insurance rates in the country, there is nothing to stop insurance companies from raising rates. In fact, for 2020 approximately 81 per cent of insurance providers were given the go-ahead to hike rates, anywhere from 1.5 to 11 per cent. This hike is the NINTH CONSECUTIVE premium increase in that province.

The argument goes that a no-fault insurance system will speed up processing and keep premiums low. Tell that to Ontario drivers. No-fault insurance hasn’t kept their premiums low – even if accident rates in that province have been steadily declining and are now the lowest in the country at just 3.7 per 100,000.

No fault means no way to make insurance companies keep their word. No fault means no accountability. No fault? No thanks.

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