About Us

FAIR Alberta is a coalition of Albertans including concerned consumers, medical professionals, injured Albertans, and members of the legal community who are committed to protecting the rights of individuals that have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

FAIR works to ensure that the laws applying to injury victims are fair, that auto insurance companies are accountable to the premium paying public, and that individual Albertans receive fair compensation and appropriate treatment options for their injuries.

We have formed to provide a counter voice to the dishonesty of the insurance industry lobby. 

We’ll be advocating to government directly to consider the rights of Albertans as they review changes to the insurance system, and we’ll be encouraging Albertans to do the same. 

We’re asking the government to commit to fulsome public consultation on any proposed reforms to Alberta’s insurance system so that the perspectives of consumers, injured Albertans, medical professionals, and the legal community can be heard.