Alberta auto insurers are making millions in Alberta. Now they want more.


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Multinational insurance companies will tell you there’s no money to be made in Alberta. That they’re losing money by selling Albertans auto insurance. That skyrocketing premiums are necessary.

Necessary for who?
The shareholders in Toronto’s high-rise towers?

The numbers show insurance companies are doing more than fine in Alberta. In the past two years, insurance companies have made almost a BILLION dollars here in the province. That sounds like a pretty good return. And records show more private insurers have entered the Alberta market, while none have left.

Insurance companies cry poor while Albertans struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their families’ heads. We do need a better auto insurance system. But one where consumers rights are balanced with the demands of the insurance lobby.

After all, auto insurance is an issue that affects all Albertans. We all have to pay it and we all deserve a system that’s fair. 

We deserve transparency from insurance companies – not a bunch of backroom lobbying for the benefit of shareholders on Bay Street. And when someone is injured in an accident, they deserve to have their rights protected, and to hold bad drivers accountable.

In a fair system, consumers who get hurt have their injury compensation and medical care supported by unbiased courts and medical doctors. It is not dictated by private insurance companies who want to help less so they can simply take more.

Unbiased courts exist to protect our rights. Courts are there to uphold fairness. This must be preserved in an auto insurance review. Tell the Alberta government not to giveaway your rights to insurance companies. Write your MLA today.

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