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I am writing today because I am concerned about proposed changes to the Minor Injury Regulation being brought forward by Alberta’s insurance industry. The proposed changes to Alberta’s minor injury regulation are unfair to consumers. 

Industry lobbyists want to change the definition of “minor injuries” to include some chronic conditions. Such a change to define concussions and chronic pain as “minor” is unfair to Albertans and means more financial burden would fall on the innocent party when trying to recover from their injuries after being struck by another driver. At the same time as the profitable insurance companies are asking government for these changes, they’re also raising premiums. I don’t think Albertans should have to pay more in premiums only to get less in coverage.

Why does the insurance industry want these changes – are they unprofitable? Are injury claims rising? No. the facts are that injury claims are dropping, even with more drivers on the road, and insurance industry profits totalled more than $2 billion last year. The industry is just looking out for itself and campaigning to ensure consumers like me get less if I have a claim.

Our new government was elected to reduce regulations and protect the rights of Albertans. We shouldn’t be adding more regulation just to pad insurance industry profits at the expense of Alberta consumers. That’s not what our government was elected to do.

Alberta’s injury regulations are meant to be fair to both insurance companies and consumers. As a concerned consumer, I encourage you to stand up for fairness and say “no” to the insurance industry lobbyists who want to regulate my rights away for their profit. 


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