Insurance industry reform proposals will leave injured Albertans behind

What if the very best you can hope for after you’ve had an automotive accident is “pain management?”


What if the very best you can hope for after you’ve had an automotive accident is “pain management?”

What if, after everything is said and done, and you’ve put in the hard work of rehab, there is no “cure?” Even for so-called “minor” injuries?

For a certain portion of accident victims in Alberta, that’s the sad reality. For them, recovery will mean that their “good” days outnumber their “bad” days. . . but the bad days will always be there. In order to maintain a decent quality of life, they will always be seeing doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists or other health practitioners in order to manage the pain from their so-called “minor” injuries. Not everyone gets to walk away.

Even though the insurance industry would have you believe that the cure for every injury is “more” care – more care you will pay for through higher premiums – it doesn’t always work out that way. According to Dr. Ashley Smith, Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, there will always be a few folks who just don’t improve past a certain point. Life, for them, is divided into “before the accident” and “after.”

Insurance industry lobbyists don’t seem to want to consider prevailing medical literature that says different people respond differently to injuries. And some never heal. They want to leave those with hard to heal injuries behind. 

Isn’t it fair that for folks who never fully heal, the courts with a promise of a fair hearing and unbiased compensation be available? Shouldn’t these people be able to look forward to knowing – at the very least – that they will be able to afford the modifications and treatments that their injuries require, particularly as they age?

When a lifetime of coping is the best you can hope for, isn’t providing the financial resources to do the best you can – to keep the “good” days ahead of the “bad” days – simply humane? We think so too.

FAIR believes strongly that potential insurance reforms must prioritize the recovery and treatment outcomes of Albertans injured on our roadways, in addition to preserving fundamental legal rights, and making premiums more affordable for consumers.

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