Insurers continue to shortchange Albertans during COVID-19


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You’ve heard the promises – reduced premiums! We’ll work with you! Payment plans and options! Talk to us, we understand! – but what’s really happening out there?

Insurance companies can talk a good line and they’ve got the money to buy the best advertising and public relations out there. But . . . Where’s the proof that they’re really willing to put your interests before their profits?

More and more people are finding out that advertising campaign promises aren’t measuring up. Stories about $2/month premium reductions, demands to change coverage in order to get reductions, spotty and inconsistent offers and programs and, in one case, actually boosting premium fees. So what’s really going on? Industry watchers at Canadian Underwriter – insurance insiders – took the time to really look at what’s being done by the bigger insurance providers in Canada. It’s a patchwork, stitched-together Frankenpolicy for consumers, in many cases depending entirely on the customer to get in touch and take the initiative.

Don’t be fooled by slick campaigns and shiny advertising. Insurance companies are professionals when it comes to saying one thing while meaning quite another. When the rubber hits the road, their loyalty is to their bottom line – not yours.

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