No-Fault Auto Insurance & Motorcycles.

What you need to know

What is No-Fault insurance?

The Alberta government is considering changing our auto insurance system from an at-fault system to a no-fault system.

No-Fault auto insurance does not fit with Albertan values of fairness and common sense.

Currently the insurance company of the person responsible for an accident pays for the losses of all people involved. A no-fault system would change that to increase coverage for bad drivers at the expense of innocent victims.

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How will No-Fault Insurance affect bikers?

Currently in Alberta, the insurance company of an at-fault driver in an accident is responsible for paying compensation for the injuries and damage they cause. That seems fair — because it is.

However, under a no-fault system, the insurance company of each driver involved pays the costs for their own customer, regardless of who was at fault. That means that if you are on your bike and get hit by a car for truck resulting in major damage to you or your bike, your insurance company would have to cover the costs of your claim (which can be significant).

This is true even when the accident was the other driver’s fault! Their insurance company only covers the costs for their claim — not yours.

If a car or truck hits you - you pay more.

In an accident between a motorbike and a car or truck, you already know who loses. But the situation is even worse in a no-fault system. The motorcyclist’s injuries, vehicle damage and claim costs are more likely to be significant, resulting in higher claims costs and premiums for you in a no-fault system. That’s not fair!

Let’s not change the current system to one that rewards bad driving — and is less fair to bikers!

More red tape. No savings.

Changing the current system to a no-fault version would also require new laws, more government agencies and regulations, and more government spending to pay for it all. On top of that, many other jurisdictions that have tried no-fault auto insurance found that it didn’t save money (the supposed benefit of no-fault) and have since discontinued their failed experiment with no-fault insurance.

The only ones who win in a no-fault system are insurance companies, not consumers.

What you can do


Contact your local representative

Let your voice be heard. Send a letter to your MLA and the Minister of Finance.


Share your Story

We want to know your accident story. Were you able to secure fair compensation? What happened? How do you feel about the potential loss of protections if Albertans can no longer sue at-fault drivers?


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