What's Happening

The Government of Alberta is reviewing Alberta’s auto insurance system. The government’s insurance reform panel is considering making Alberta’s insurance system a WCB-style, no-fault system. This system won’t save consumers money. It just means increased profits for corporations and fewer protections for Albertans.

No-fault means fewer protections for Albertans
No-fault means more benefits for corporations, not consumers.
No-fault is a WCB-style system with insurers in charge.
No-fault is no way to watch out for you

A no-fault system means fewer protections for consumers and injured Albertans

With a no-fault insurance system, injured Albertans will not be able to count on compensation that will protect them and provide for their families as they recover. Instead, we will be waiting for the insurance company’s medical staff to tell us what our pain is worth and how long it will take us to get back to work. In a no-fault system, we will merely be a number plugged into a formula.

A no-fault system benefits corporations, not consumers

Insurance companies are already extremely profitable. With a no-fault system, it’s just another way for insurance companies to add to their bottom lines while injured Albertans are left to struggle. Private no-fault systems – similar to Ontario’s, home of the highest premiums in the country – will give insurance companies the freedom to keep their payouts low even as our premiums steadily climb. 

No-fault is a WCB-style system with insurers in charge

Many of us are familiar with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). Under a no-fault system, private insurers take on the role of WCB. They would decide what care we get and at what cost. Insurance companies can’t be trusted to care for injured Albertans in a WCB-style, no-fault system, where profits matter more than people. A WCB for auto insurance run by private insurers is not what we need.

No-fault is no way to watch out for you

Our provincial government was elected by regular Albertans. Your MLA was sent to Edmonton to look out for our interests, to represent us Albertans and our community. Tossing our hard-working neighbours aside to protect the profits of insurance companies. . . Whose idea was that? Governments are elected to protect their citizens, not corporations. We expect our representatives to do the job they promised they’d do.